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The optimal management of anti-thrombotic therapy after valve

year.31 Management of anticoagulation for non-3 months for mitral bioprostheses, in particular Maas H, Voigt JU, Simoons ML, Van de Werf

Electric quadrupole strength in nuclei

1.369 MtV (B(E2+) 86.09tl.74 t2tu*,strength is dotoctod ia tho region of 22-42 de Voigt, A.J. Drentje, S.Y. van der Werf

The reversed halo sign: pathognomonic pattern of pulmonary

8 (50) 5 (31) 3 (19) 8 (50) 3 (19)tho- racic computed tomographic scan and surgery.23. Voigt K, Cigelnik E, Odonnell K

Comparison of prognostic usefulness (three years) of computed

201072-Comparison of prognostic usefulness (three years) of computed tomographic Voigtländer T《American Journal of Cardiology》Schmermund A,

Vital Signs: National and State-Specific Patterns of

and 55% lower for weight (-1.3 kg/year) 401 1.41 1.37 77.8 76.8 50.8§ 54.7§ Barbaresi WJ, Colligan RC, Weaver AL, Voigt

Biochemical markers for myocardial injury. Is MB kinase the

the best criteria Downloaded from em>tho- racic surgery, no elevations were detected 102. Schofer J, Ress-Grigolo G, Voigt KD,

Older donor livers show early severe histological activity,

year period was used to identify 111 patients who received 124 liver 2007;84(3):331-339.Rayhill SC, Wu YM, Katz DA, Voigt MD, LaBrec

Increased Erythrocyte Eicosapentaenoic Acid and

literacy performance behind their year level at Forty three children (50%) had an official, Voigt, R. G., Llorente, A. M., Jensen, C

Ocular androgen therapy in sjogrens syndrome

Practice (G. Smolin, and R.A. Thoft, Eds), which afflicts about 50% of the patient C., and Voigt, W., Mononuclear cell phenotypes

Are cancer-related decision aids effective? A systematic

0.50 0.50 DA v Control Pooled Estimate: FixedFavors Decision Aid 0 1 Favors Control Fig 3. Street RL Jr, Voigt B, Geyer C Jr, et al:

Asexual Embryogenesis in Vascular Plants in Nature

Burson, BL, Voigt, PW, Sherman, RA, Dewaldembryony and suspensor characteristics in Spatho Sorbus eximia: Embryological studies in Sorbus3

Thailand: food system and nutritional status of indigenous

50 percent in 1 to 2 years, 56 percent in beu-tho-khawng, beu-ua-phu, beu-yawng-haiVoigt Ivy gourd ser-mler-du Seasonality* Food

The in-gas-jet laser ion source: Resonance ionization

cm−3, which approximately amounts to 8 MHz/Voigt profile, which is the convolution of pumping speed W as a function of the Mach

Experimental characterization of the COndensation PArticle

2009616- denoted as dp50, can be determined in (Voigt et 344 AMTD 1, 321–374, 2008 yacforenetofluorwplvoetlofocritythoef COPAS-inlet

PGE in Road Dust/Top Soil from Major Indian Cities:

(163 ng/m3) Pd (41.8 ng/m3) Rh (9platinum group metals in Thohyoyandou, South Cu and Zn exposures of 6 to 10 year old

Substituierte Imidate

2012520-(I) in which Z, n, X, R1 and R2 VOIGT KATHARINA (DE) RIEBEL HANS-JOACHIM (DE Chloethocarb, Chlorethoxyfos, Chlorfenapyr, Chlor

The concept of stability fields and hot spots in ranking of

WHASSE (Bru¨ggemann et al., 1999) two objects x, y characterized 316 260 2.3.1(2005) and 324 268 Voigt and Bru¨ggemann (

Influence of Stellar Evolution on the Evolution of Planetary

were calculated by Schmidt-Voigt and Koppen (1986The observations are best reproduced by the rate of some 10to 10solar masses per year

Year in review 2011: Critical Care - cardiology

8. Gevaert S, Van Belleghem Y, Bouchez S, Koch A, Voigt S, Sanson E, Dückers H, Tho S, Martin C, Leone M: High central

Nutlin-3 sensitizes nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells to

19.95±8.93 Representative IC50 ± SD values are the mean of three 22. Sonnemann J, Palani CD, Wittig S, Becker S, Eichhorn F, Voigt 

Fourteen Pedagogical Patterns

Student projects from prior years are a good See also Kerstin Voigts Big Picture on a three or four cycles in which the requirements

Physical Properties and Associated Applications of Conducting

A great number of articles, reviews, and booksE. T. Thostenson, Z. Ren, T.-W. Chou. A. Voigt, D. L. Huber, Z. R. Tian, E


6 Issues per year IMPACT FACTOR increased in Mona Abd / Schallausky, Falko / Voigt, (II) / Ce(III) / Ce(IV) complexes in solid

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(60 Hz, 70 Hz and 80 Hz) and also numerically using Voigt (η = 2.84 Pa.s), Maxwell (η = 17.79 Pa.s) and Zener (η = 1.97 Pa.s)

Compositional patterns in Holarctic peat bog inhabiting

voigtsi Globozetes microtus Euzetes globulus E. notatus Minunthozetes pseudofusiger M. semirufusPfin3 Pgeo1 Pger7 Pger8 Pger9 Pger1 Pgerus

Wirkstoffkombinationen aus alpha-Liponsure und Biochinonen

20091220- ROCK UWE (DE) VOIGT NADINE (DE) Bestimmun­gen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ver3.÷Sarcosinate, beispielsweise Myristoyl Sar

The circumstellar environment of UX ORI

year, with a duration of a few days (Bibo 14.3 19.8±2.0 2.6 mm 05:04:30.00 −Th., 1982, In: Schaifers K., Voigt H.H