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(11) about an axis Ai, and an anvil arranged opposite the roller apex S of the sonotrode 13 seen in the transport direction T of the

Non-symmetrical heavy duty knife apparatus and cutting method

anvil to cut through only about 80% to 90% of the thickness of said may be tapered or inclined toward one another so as to form an apex 26

Directionally biased staple and anvil assembly for forming

2011320- 1. A surgical stapler, comprising: an anvil assembly, comprising: a or tip engaging point at or near apex 515 of each pocket 510 (See FI

Apparatus and method for injection molding solder and

apex for joining to a contact location on a hose 73 and which through a temporary O-ring anvil pieces 160 come into engagement with the

Machine for applying fasteners to web material

2006911-The unheaded end is then peened or bent over by an anvil part on the apex of the notch 231 in the delivery end 220a, of the eyelet guide


2010919-anvil 224 so that any movement of shaft 244 produces a corresponding Analysis indicates that with a diamond indentor point with a 160° a

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Dominant attributes {2017} Expandable Hose, 50 Feet Expandable Garden Steam Humidifier Handy Vapor Steamer to Iron Clothes Fast Heat-up for

Carton sealing apparatus

The apparatus includes an anvil, or backup member, and an ultrasonic The triangular fold formed by panels 17, 18 and 19 has an apex 18a (

Micropoint locator gauge

said area being near the apex of said predetermined angle, and extending a movable anvil on each of said arms for defining a precise location

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Power infeed for chipper

A chipper infeed spout incorporating two surfaces disposed to form a V-shape having one side formed by a pair of support means (an anvil member and

Glycoluril resin and polyol resin dual members

In these embodiments, the loWer anvil is a round anvil, and an edge of the seam region is positioned on an apex of the loWer anvil, and Where a

Ultrasonic spot welding tip assembly and method for using the

apex of said each welding tip above the anvil from which said each welding tip extends, to thereby provide a reservoir space between said anvil and the

Super compressed detonation method and device to effect such

5251561 Open apex shaped charge-type explosive device having special disc anvil, 0.1 mm wire probes to measure the axial velocity of the oblique

Replaceable cartridge module for a surgical stapling and

in which the surgical fasteners and knife are housed and an anvil (122)apex 52 which rests on the sliding surface 48 of the proximal end section

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Anvil United StatesAnvil specializes in rooms, water treatment products, and steam hoses, coolant, thermostat, drive train system,

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and bag edge forming apparatus with resilient tubular anvil

and a seal bar anvil carried for reciprocation (via a flexible pneumatic hose) into each Cooper Tools of Apex, N.C., as a Model No

Endoscopic clip applier with hermaphroditic jaws mounted on

the interior of said jaws forming an anvil; and an actuator coupled to small area of engagement of the point 48b with the apex of the cone 70

Dissection and welding of tissue

to a distally-positioned anvil 87 that may include distal surfaces shaped substantially similarly to the wall of the tapered tip 71 near the apex thereof

Fuse guard for cutouts

the said guard supporting at its apex a metal anvil member having an enlarged aperture through which the guard passes, for use in jarring the leader

Cartridge with locking knife for a curved cutter stapler

knife 126 from the cartridge housing 121 to be driven against the anvil When the apex 52 of the arcuate firing trigger link 51 moves into

Screen weld joint test method and apparatus

(see FIG. 4) between the anvils 64,65 and longitudinally spaced apex portions of the wire wrap segment 34a on opposite sides of the rod segment 32a


2011720-(26) and said upper apex being immovably attached to said flat bar (25(17, 17) end blocking means comprises: a first anvil (36) for

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